Baby Food: The Secrets of Commercial Baby Food

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Baby Food: The Secrets of Commercial Baby Food

We all know how expensive the first year of a baby’s life can be: all the nappies, clothes, equipment and food. It really doesn’t have to be so costly though. When it comes to food, buying jars of processed baby food comes in at a close second place as the biggest form of expenditure for new parents. In this article, I’m going to highlight some reasons why buying jars from supermarkets isn’t only bad for your wallet, but for your baby’s health, and the benefits and ease of preparing your own food and blending at home. russian chocolate

As a baby, my parents were devoted users of terry towel nappies – not out of choice, my sister was highly allergic to brand named nappies and they got into a groove with it when I came along – and would simply blend whatever they were having for dinner for me and my sister. Now, I’m well aware that terry towel nappies require some commitment and time what with the amount of washing they take, but they are incredibly cost effective, not to mention highly economically friendly. Did you know that apparently 18 billion nappies are thrown away every year, 90% of which end up in landfills? Those are some pretty scary figures. Luckily companies are bringing out more eco-friendly versions that biodegrade quicker than plastic nappies. Anyway, I digress. Casseroles, roast dinners, stews, soups and pastas are, amongst a multitude of other dishes, are all perfectly suitable and nutritional for your little one. As long as you avoid all of the usual foods that babies aren’t supposed to eat, such as nuts, then you have nothing to fear – you should be more worried about what goes into jarred food, and what’s taken out for that matter.

Many people dislike the idea of homemade baby food, because of the preconceived belief that it will take up too much time and effort; this isn’t technically true. Provided that you yourself aren’t living on a diet of chips, takeaways and microwave meals there is absolutely nothing wrong with blending a small portion of your own dinner down for your baby. Not only does this provide your children with essential nutrients and vitamins, but it will also help create healthy eating habits in the long run and prevent your child from becoming a fussy eater. A¬†study ¬†carried out by Daryth D. Stalong, Ph.D., M.P.H and Michael F. Jacobson found that many branded baby food companies uses starchy fillers to bulk out and adulterate their products rather than including more vegetable or actual food. The majority of baby food jars are packed full of preservatives, salts and sugar to increase shelf life and flavour – all of which is extremely unhealthy for your baby with large amounts of calories and low nutrition in comparison. Not only are many store-bought baby foods unhealthy, but they’re also extremely costly – you’re paying for the production, packaging and distribution.



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