Vietnam Medals

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Vietnam Medals

Vietnam medals are rewards for the meritorious military services in Vietnam. Vietnam, a south Asian country, was under a serious civil war which ultimately resulted in the unification of Vietnam during the period of 1945 to 1975. It was a massive riot which caused much causality. South Vietnam made alliances with foreign countries like the US, Australia, and New Zealand and the allies supplied enough troops and arms for the combat in the country. Vietnam medals are the medals issued to appreciate the service of these people in Vietnam. Vietnam medals were issued by countries like Vietnam, US, Australia and New Zealand for the military service rendered during the period of March 1, 1961 through March 28, 1973. The military awards issued by the Vietnam government beyond this date have no relevance in the US. Championship Rings

Vietnam medals were mainly awarded by the South Vietnam Republic of Vietnam Congress to appreciate the service of their troops and the foreign allies. The foreign decorations were worn only according to the regulations of the native government. However, only three medals, the Vietnam Civil Actions Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Gallantry Cross, were only permitted to be worn with the official uniform of the US soldier. Custom Pendant

Vietnam medals of the Vietnam government were issued in different levels of categories. Certain medals were issued only to individuals where as some other medals were issued to both individuals and units. The medals were awarded in the army level, corps level, division level and brigade level. The medal has a unique symbol with typical ribbons. The ribbons feature stripes particularly of golden yellow, red and bottle green. According to the class of the medal, variations are made in the features of the medal. US also issued Vietnam service medals for the members of their troop. Australia and New Zealand issued British and Commonwealth orders and decorations for their troop members. Fantasy Football Rings

Vietnam medals are always treasured by the citizens as a symbol of gratitude for their service in Vietnam. However, the medals of South Vietnam are considered as obsolete decorations in the present scenario since this country does not exist. They are now available from the military insignia merchants. These Vietnam medals have commercial value as collectable.

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