Things You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S3

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Things You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S3

The current Samsung flagship the Galaxy S2 sold millions and millions of units from its first day of release until this very day. With its ever growing popularity and success, Samsung decided to top their best-selling smartphone with the 3rd generation Galaxy S handset for this year. This is the up and coming Samsung Galaxy S3.

The long wait is finally over as Samsung confirmed the launch date of the latest Galaxy handset. The new handset is set to be launched on May 3 in London (Earl’s Court). Although there is still no confirmation about the exact day of its release, we all basically rely on rumors and news about the said big day for Samsung’s fans all over the globe.

There is also no announced pricing detail for this handset and all we can do now is to speculate (again). If we base it on the recent pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (which was sold for £520 and was offered on contracts starting at £36) we can expect it to be higher than that for now. Then there is the £500 tag price on its predecessor (Galaxy S2) and contract price that started at £46/month, we can also assume that it will be higher than this.

Let us now move on to the phone’s juicy features. Back in November of last year, details of Samsung’s next-gen Exynos 4412 chipset were unleashed. It was described as a powerful 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor. This handset is set to feature this mighty and speedy processor. It is only right to assume this, since all Android manufacturers are fighting over the bragging right about who will release the most cores in their handsets. samsung galaxy s21 5g

If the quad-core won’t land on the S3, then Samsung’s latest work on their Exynos 4212 dual-core processor can land on this handset. This is said to be 30% more efficient and faster than what the Galaxy S2 is sporting now. This is also an option that the said handset can welcome with open arms, because it is still capable of making this handset the best Galaxy S to date. Whether it sports a dual-core processor or quad-core processor, this handset will eventually surpass the fame and glory of its predecessor.

When it comes to OS, this handset may land with the latest Android Iteration the Ice Cream Sandwich. We all know that its predecessor is now getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update, so it is only wise for Samsung to release this handset with the latest Android Iteration. This powerful OS may be accompanied by Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. This is no surprise!

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