Records Management Software for SharePoint Use

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Records Management Software for SharePoint Use

SharePoint is designed as a medium to store documents where multiple users can have access to the files and amend them, based on their level of access. If you are also using SharePoint, however, as your primary records management software then you will likely encounter a number of problems.

SharePoint limitations

While SharePoint is an extremely useful tool for collaborating and managing documents, when it comes to using it as your primary management software, it is not advised. While SharePoint will often play a significant role in the wider document management process, it is often simply too inefficient, or cumbersome to use as your entire management solution.

Combined with that, there is often a very high volume of traffic using applications such as SharePoint and the Microsoft Exchange Server, which can make it very difficult to sufficiently manage the information governance. By using a designated records management software for SharePoint, it becomes far easier to manage the retention of your data and records, even if they have complex schedules.

So what does record management software for SharePoint actually do to help my business, and why should I upgrade right away? eDRMs

Record retention

With an ever-increasing amount of government and industry regulations surrounding data and records retention, it is becoming harder for organizations to successfully manage these policies. With large amounts of data brings large amounts of responsibility and any retention issues that you may face, such as data leaks, can turn your brand’s reputation toxic in the blink of an eye.

As a result of this, it is imperative to ensure that all legal and regulatory policies are met, minimizing the effect of any problems. One way of doing this is to invest in a sophisticated records management software for SharePoint and one which allows a customizable level of security and retention, which SharePoint alone is somewhat lacking.

Reducing risk

One of the most useful features of a records management software for SharePoint, is to reduce your legal risk by automatically deleting obsolete records and information, once they have come to the end of their lifecycle. Not only does this keep the system running smoother and with extra space, but it ensures that you have minimal liability if any data leaks occur.

Record management software for SharePoint is certainly worth the upgrade, assisting with record retention, reducing risk and also providing a more efficient interface and added features than using SharePoint as a standalone tool.


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